#WillandBenRenaissanceMen – Tall Tales.

Their theme song

“Will and Ben
Will and Ben
Renaissance Men…”

Will and Ben are in conversation

Will: All at once, from every direction possibly imaginable, ‘nobody’ came running.

Ben: So, what did you do?

Will: I remained calm. I always say that, in those sorts of situations, ‘something’ will happen… or nothing will happen’. The world seems to work like that.

Ben: And ‘did’ anything happen?

Will: No, I stayed there awaiting a happening ; but, eventually I died of thirst… and hunger… or boredom.

Ben: Wow!

Will: That was my thought, precisely, Ben. Wow!

There is a brief pause while Ben considers the conversation they have just had.

Ben: You do talk some waffle, Will

Will: i do, Ben, I most certainly do.


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