I’m as mad as a…

I’m mad as a box of frogs

Would be mad about being in a box when they really wanted to be in a pond somewhere (I know not where).

And I’m as mad as a hatter

As a matter of fact

I’m madder than that.

I’m as mad a mad thing

(Not a wild thing –

Perhaps I’m mad about not being a wild thing, perhaps).

I’m ‘Mad in England’

(That’s what it says on the label)

But, I suppose I could be one of those fake copies.

I’m mad, bad, and dangerous to know

Apart from the last two.

I’m madrigal,

And madnolin,

Madness incarnate

When I’m driving in my car

I feel safest of all

The Bards in all the towns

You had to stumble upon this one.

And I know how to whistle.

That’s enough!

This’ll do

Thistle Stew

Good day to you.


One response to “I’m as mad as a…

  1. from pasty to crazy, another five letter word. I much more think zany would fit, I like four letter words ❤

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