Churros Time

(A Disappointment of Churros)

We had the pleasure to see

A sign for Churros

Which is always a good thing for us;

We had walked and looked

At many a craft-holder stall

And there was plenty of time before the bus.

So Churros and coffee

We purchased them then

And waited in line for our fare.

With coffees to hand

And the Churros to eat

We popped to the garden to perch.

The Coffee was fine

The Blackbird’s friendliness divine

But the Churros were a disappointment… oh, dear.

Cinnamon sugared and crisp

On the outside

But the inside was ‘oh, such a let down!’

We started to frown.

All doughy, not cooked

We wished we’d overlooked

The food that was usually so good.

We left, caught the bus,

Didn’t make unnecessary fuss

(We don’t do all angry or fiery)

And now I write my word

Of what yesterday occurred

For you, in my poetry diary.


11 responses to “Churros Time

  1. Ah! How sad! They’re so great when they’re perfectly cooked and crispy (especially with thick Spanish hot chocolate for breakfast at a Mediterranean cafe…) Better luck next time!

  2. We had something like that too dear G, they are so delicious 🙂 Thank you, Love, nia

  3. maybe you need to make some home made ones perhaps? Impress the lady of the manor with your craft at sweet treat preparation 🙂

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