Night-Time Writings #1 – A Haibun (I had to wake up to write it down).

“Hi, Bunny, I’m home!”

Perhaps it was deja vu –

I’d said that before?”

A ‘Haibun’ is a Haiku followed by a prose piece that does or doesn’t relate to the Haiku.

The Haiku above was rattling around in my head whilst I slept; and, to save losing it, I had to wake up and write it down.

It was one of two things that I had been writing in my sleep; the other, ‘The Monkey and The Elephant’ I shall post in a short while.

It’s a good thing to be able to write those ‘dream’ writings down, otherwise they are lost, or keep you from settling back to sleep (the worry that you will lose a precious piece doesn’t tallow the mind to rest).

So, here is one, the other one soon.



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