A Song Of Our Time


We sit on a wall and make faces

We do this in faraway places

We don’t mind how far we go

The people to show

That we are bananas

We are Sultanas

But, most of all

(No ifs no buts)

That we are a couple of… walnuts!


4 responses to “A Song Of Our Time

  1. Ilike this oen a lot!

  2. Oh I missed the tune – where does that hang out?
    Ps I only wish I could spell number 1. Janie Franck told me its a form of keyboard dyslexia…

    • At the moment the tune is still in my head. Having inflicted 3 songs on the world already this week (!) I felt that Joe and Joanne Public needed a rest. I may put the tune to a recording when the snow comes later in the week. G:)

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