“Whatever Happened To Writer’s Block?”

I’m working on a poetry piece at the moment, it’s called ‘Whatever Happened to Writer’s Block?’

It goes a bit like this.

Whatever happened to Writer’s Block?

And, then I’m struggling for the next line.

Perhaps something about a Grandfather clock

That strikes the hour

Only at ten to nine –

Which is strange.

Or maybe a few rhymes about all the times I’ve lost my favourite sock – and, yes, I know, who can have just one favourite sock? Well, I can.

I’m that sort of man.

Anyway, I got as far as that first line

Then had to resign myself

To the probable outcome

Of my never finishing that poetic gem – no matter how much I try.

Unfinished Poems from

Unfinished Poets’

Yes, I ‘am’ one of them.

So, if you have any ideas that will help me to break through

Writer’s Block, I would be much obliged to you.

In the meantime

I shall just sit here and consider this ancient nautical rhyme.


8 responses to ““Whatever Happened To Writer’s Block?”

  1. open ze mouth, sing ze tune, and ze words what comez out zounds not ze zame and ze mind, she iz openz

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