“Good Morning, Heartsmug!”

“Good Morning, Sir!”

“I have a job for you, Heartsmug!”

“Yes, sir!”

“I need you to take this… out there.”

“Out there, Sir?”

“Yes, Heartsmug; it’s an important task – and you mustn’t spill a single drop – the contents are very important.”

“I see, Sir! And what then, Sir?”

“I need you to dispose of the contents slowly, and surely; not dripping a single drop. Can you do that, Heartsmug?”

“I can, Sir. It will be done as you asked. Not a single drop shall be dripped – or a drip dropped – and you shall be proud of me and my having carried out the set task to a satisfactory completion, Sir!”

“Well, yes; but, you must begin at once!”

“Now, sir?”

“That is at once, Heartsmug. Go!”

Heartsmug left immediately and at once to carry out his task.

Colonel Coffeedrinker followed closely behind.


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