#SoCS ‘ Cramp’ – LindaGHill’s Saturday Stream of Consciousness Challenge.

Linda’s SoCS Challenge

Cramp SoCS (ten-minutes set).

I am suffering from a cramp.

Not ‘the’ cramp – although at my altitude (and with my attitude and aptitude Heaven knows why not) but a cramp.

On my head.

A crampon. Get it! It’s a joke.

Although, as I am half way up Mount Fujiwotsit and my climbing buddy has, somehow, gone and located his last crampon into my cranium, I am a little lost as to how it is actually ‘funny’.

I may be laughing hysterically (as others have laughed, historically) at the misfortune of slings and arrows (and crampons) but; as I write this in my mind for later, my climbing buddy-no more is laughing his terricly off at my Schadenfreude!

Which I am not finding that funny, when I come to think of it. It must be the steel into my brain that is causing me pain.

And it’s not the first time; and, he said he would try and not to do it again. Ha! Fat chance!

I hang from my rope

With little hope

Down below

A bed of snow

And, I know he is now apologetic;

For he has become all energetic

About getting it out

And me down;

But, perplexed,

He’s started to frown.

And, I, would you know it,

Have started to think like a poet.

My God,

Please donut forsake meow!

It must be the mist

Of pain that does persist

That makes me Pun

About the holey one.

I shall pay for this

I can tell

And may end

Up in Climber’s Hell –


Where the mountains

Are molehills

And the climbs

Are affected by the chilly East Wind

And, you will find…*

*ten minutes up.


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