Terrance and Arthur.

“Prudence! Dear Arthur. You can call me Prudence from here in.”

Arthur, looked slightly taken aback. But, not enough to indicate any real surprise.

“I shall!” responded Arthur. “However, I’m not going to be ‘Arthur’ any more – from now on I shall be known by the name of Martha, my dear!”

“You mean…?”

“Yes. I have been secretly dressing as a man for all these years. Nobody has suspected a thing, and now I am comfortable in the knowledge that it doesn’t really matter who knows that ‘I’ am a ‘woman!’ “

“Dear Martha, how glad I am to know that you have eventually built up the courage to be true to yourself and the world. I have longed for this day.”

“You knew?” Martha ‘was’ shocked this time.

“Of course, you silly old thing.”

“Less of the ‘old’ please, Prudence, I am verging on early middle-age – it has been said that I don’t look ‘a day over thirty… from a distance’ “

“Were they at a distance when they said that to you?”

“… and moving away rapidly, my dearest Prudence.”

Prudence and Martha chuckled about their transformations, and walked off happily arm in arm.


2 responses to “Terrance and Arthur.

  1. this made me chuckle 😉

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