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New Year’s Eve in Looe, Cornwall. “A Happy New Year To You All!”

Wishing you all a wonderful 2018. Hoping that all the words turn out right for you.

And I thank you for all those ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘re-blogs’ and ‘follows’

Thank you


‘Last’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge

‘Last’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge

Any Haiku you like –

As long as it has ‘last’ in

It – I can do that.

Tapas ties!

I like tapas ties

They are so tasty to eat

And Jane’s are a treat!

The Fourth Wall

The Fourth Wall

The other three are built

And much effort has been spilt

In their construct;

But; the fourth wall

Isn’t present;

So, I ask you: “Will the ceiling stay up?

And is there a floor,

A firm foundation,

Upon which to set this piece upon?

Or is the whole thing flawed?

Are you even listening to what I am saying?

Or are you just playing lip service to all this?

When the first three walls were erected,

Was the fourth wall expected

To follow

To complete

The building process.

Does one wall less

Make for less overall?

Is less more?

Or is more less?

Hey! I am talking to you out there!”

‘Thrill’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge

‘Thrill’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge

The fifth rill was best;

The other four were quite lame

And gave us no buzz.

‘Resolution’ #SoCS Linda G Hill’s Challenge.

#SoCS Linda G Hill’s ‘Resolution’ See Here For Details

NB I set myself a 10-minute limit for these SoCS writes. If, at the end, am within a Gnat’s musical crotchet of finishing an idea, I mark where the timer hit 10-minutes and I may just round up the idea to the satisfaction of the discerning reader. G:)

Dear sir, we thank you for ‘all’ of your e-mails, letters, faxes and that telegram about your fascinating ideas for sorting out our problems.

We, however, regretfully are in no position to accept any of your stimulating solutions to the difficulties that we are experiencing as regards to our ‘occurrence’.

We also thank you kindly for the many diagrams and intriguing theories upon the creative uses of our current situation, against our possible (and potential) outcomes.

Nowhere in our vast repository of intelligence and recorded data is there anything at all in any way alike to your insinuating conclusions.

Furthermore, we appreciate all the pretty pastel pictures that you have sent us. We are sorry to say that, as we have no refrigerator doors to put them upon, we have put them in a drawer marked ‘pastel pictures’ – this just about sums up our dearth of ideas when it comes to creative labelling.

Please keep sending us your solutions to our problematic existences – we are desperate to move on from the stagnant mire where we seem to be bogged down.

PS if you could post your hokum to us in blue envelopes we could direct them more efficiently. That really* does sum us up, doesn’t it?

Yours, Solutions Inc.

*Timer sounded here.

A lot of nonsense

Do lizards have gizzards;

Or, I have to ask, do Wizards

Go out in blizzards?

Or do they not?

Do bats like gnats

And do they wear hats

When out on the town

Bats, that is, not gnats –

That would just be silly.

Do moles talk to voles

If they happen to pass

Like ships in the night

At dusk or first light?

And when is a glass

Half empty or full

Or not half empty at all?

Why do birds suddenly appear?

And what do you call a deer with no ideas?

(#26) t a houseman presents… his poem: ‘it’s been a while’

(#26) t a houseman presents:

his poem: ‘it’s been a while’

it’s been a while

since i wrote my last poem

and that ended in disaster.

i hope this one has a happy ending

and doesn’t need a plaster.

i should write more,

i should write faster;

but, perhaps, to do so

may end in disaster.

‘Blame’ @baffled, #HaikuChallenge

‘Blame’ @baffled #HaikuChallenge

Hark the tabla men

As they play their instruments!

Jazz? It’s not their fault!

‘Wishing Star’ and ‘Wishes’

From the prompt at Carrot Ranch

Of ‘Wishing Star’ for December 28th’s Flash Fiction




Wish upon a star…

Does a feeling of calm wash over you?

Or, do you get all agitated,

Like a pea in a whistle

As it is blown

In order to signify…


I wish upon stars

Every night

When I know that


Have never wished upon me…


I wish it were true

That when you wished

Upon a star

Your dreams turned pale blue.

Or Banana yellow;


I am a strange sort of fellow.

I bet you wish that you were,


So, next time


Wish upon a star,

Think like me.


If wishes were fishes

And swam away

Never to be seen again

I wouldn’t be surprised.

If fishes were wishes

Could I bear to catch one

If dishes were dashes

And dots wore spots

Who would know

Where the wild things grow?

If moustaches grew on trees

In threes,

Would they be more fashionable

Upon wasps or bees?

If I wanted to make a wish

What would I make it out of?



Peanut butter?

Or something altogether ethereal?

Like cereal.

Yes, I do;

But, I wish I had a bowlful.

Don’t you?

Do wishes ever come true?