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‘Peculiar’ @baffled #haikuchallenge

@baffled #haikuchallenge


It is safe to say

My peculiarity

Is writing Haiku.


I’m as mad as a…

I’m mad as a box of frogs

Would be mad about being in a box when they really wanted to be in a pond somewhere (I know not where).

And I’m as mad as a hatter

As a matter of fact

I’m madder than that.

I’m as mad a mad thing

(Not a wild thing –

Perhaps I’m mad about not being a wild thing, perhaps).

I’m ‘Mad in England’

(That’s what it says on the label)

But, I suppose I could be one of those fake copies.

I’m mad, bad, and dangerous to know

Apart from the last two.

I’m madrigal,

And madnolin,

Madness incarnate

When I’m driving in my car

I feel safest of all

The Bards in all the towns

You had to stumble upon this one.

And I know how to whistle.

That’s enough!

This’ll do

Thistle Stew

Good day to you.

Linda G Hill’s SoCS Challenge ‘Contrast’

Linda G Hill’s SoCS Challenge ‘ Contrast’

Details Here

Contrast this

To my usual stuff.

I have set the timer for 10-minutes

And I don’t know what

I am going to write about.

I’m even writing it

In poetry form

Even though

It is prose.

Now, that may seem strange

To you

(Unless you know me)

But, I assure you

That I like to contrast

My work at times

Mix up the rhymes

With wit, humour, levity-

Which are all basically the same –

And give you fresh new view


From which to look

At my work

I do not shirk

From switching between

Poetry and prose

I’m not one of those people

That is stuck

In a rut.

However, I must just be serious for a moment…

… right, I’m back to the silly stuff.

Picture me

With a ruff

Doing my stuff

In sixteen hundred

Or just before

(Not four o’clock

In the afternoon, no)

Elizabethan, just about to become Jacobean

Through no fault of mine own

My quill at the ready

And words to write

Well, picture me now

With my mobile phone

Tapping in ideas

Cutting and pasting,


Looking up a spelling on an online thesaurus

And what a contrast

There is.

Would I rather have my life

Or his?

To be honest.

I would give quite a lot

To spend a little


In the land of Shakespearean rhyme.

And, having been there,

I could certainly put the Shakespearean theory

Of authorship to bed

(Or second best bed)

For once and for all

And all for once

(Sorry, that was Dumas – and I was being a Dumass).

Contrasting opinions held

Would be exploded

The myth would live

Or die

Or carry on up the creek

With out a paddle.*

*timer sounded here.

Shine – @baffled #haikuchallenge

@baffled #haikuchallenge


Polishing my gold

Does not take me very long –

There’s nothing to shine.

A Tot of Cold

I dug a hole in my garden

And found a Roman Pot;

Which isn’t – but should be – Cockney Rhyming Slang for ‘not a lot’.

So, feeling small and brittle

I sauntered off for a walk

And saw an amazing rainbow

Of which I now do talk.

The Rainbow poured from out the sky

And landed in a field

From where my digging activities

Gold, I hope, would yield.

For that field is next to where I live

And a gift from the heavens

Is mine to find

And then to give.

The Maiden in the Orchard

The maiden in the orchard

Held forth an apple to me;

With rosy cheeks and blushing;

The apple, not the girl in front I see.

An arm of alabaster white

Held forth the fruit of Eden;

And, lost in the depth of her azure eyes,

My safety never heeding,

I took that fruit and ate of it.

That’s Conversation

The Jam’s version here That’s Entertainment

That’s Conversation. (That’s Entertainment The Jam)

G / Em

Two people talking

About when they were young

Of times in the city

All the songs that they’d sung

Warm tea and muffins

Holidays on the South Coast

Who were the heroes

That they loved the most

Am / F

That’s a conversation

Let’s have a conversation

G / Em

About stuff

About stuff

G / Em

Put down your mobiles

Come away from your screens

You are a character

Get back to the scenes

Where the dialogue is spoken

And emotions are seen

Listen and respond

You must be eager and keen

Am / F

In the face of a conversation

Make a conversation

Let’s start a conversation

G / Em

About stuff

About stuff

(Freestyle dialogue)

*A work in progress