The Clothes-Folder

Jane bought me a clothes-folder –

Like the one that Sheldon has –

It’s really rather good.

It’s made out of strong plastic,

And not made out of wood.

I laughed when the Postie did deliver it;

And it lay unopened for a while;

But, when unwrapped

And comprehended

Its usage made me smile.

Now all our clothes are folded so neatly

And in the cutest little rows

There seems to be so much more room

When a T-shirt in it goes.

We have taken on clothes-folding

We shall not be caught unawares;

We are now an ordered little tribe;

And as it amused me oh so very much

This ditty I did scribe.

2 responses to “The Clothes-Folder

  1. now that’s a new one to me…never saw one before….I suppose you still have to do the work yourself, folding, etc….now if it were magic, it would fold them for you 😉

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