Which Came First – The Cappuchin Monk or The Cappuchin Monkey?

Which came first

The Capuchin Monk

Or the Capuchin Monkey?

One’s quite austere,

The other is funky;

One reads religious tomes,

The other features a lot more

In my poems.

One is covered in fur,

The other one has a monk’s cut;

But, may be wearing a hair shirt under his robes.

One is a lively, chattering fellow;

The other may have a vow of silence – and an attitude mellow.

Both are ‘hooded’

Like a cappuccino…

Oh! There is another dimension

To my question:

Which came first, now?

The Cappuchin Monk?

The Cappuchin Monkey?

Or the Cappuccino?

I just don’t know.

Do you?


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