A Tale of Three Near-Naked Nymph-Like Creatures and One Young Lost Soul.

There’s a round bog

Round here –


I lost my skinny-dipping, bog-jumping virginity there.

I did chance upon it

By the light of the moon

Some years back –

”’Twas the month of… October,

And, soon, I was immersed

In it’s welcoming stew;

Floundering about

Hither and thither

Like a pendulum doesn’t.

And, then, three nymph-like creatures did appear

Filling my loins with lust

And my liver with fear

(Yes, I was at ‘that’ sort of age).

Naked they were

Apart from their clothes

And they dove into the bog

Which reached up to their noses;

But, swim they could –

Lots of practice, one supposes.

And they played me like a harp

And retuned my stirrings,

Until I was shaking with excitement

And losing my bearings.

After they left

I was lonely,


With hardly an ounce of energy to heft

Myself from the bog;

But, when on firm ground I did rest

I looked for my vest

And other clothing so recently wearing;

But, nothing I found,

And, laying naked on the ground,

I slept for what seemed a hundred long years.

When I did, eventually, wake up,

I was rather peckish;

Having not eaten for a century or so.

I lookéd about;

But, food their was nowt,

So I was still hungry

And decided to go.

“Go where?” I did ask;

Was I up to the task

Of finding my way from the bog?

I travelled for days,


In a daze

Until I did emerge from the place.

I looked down upon

The village I was from

That seemed smaller

And older, today.

“Why?” I did speak.

And did venture to seek

My. family, my friends, and my home.

But, the houses were empty of all;

To my knees I did fall

And I wept like a baby for hours.

Then it rained,

On my head –

I complained…

There was nobody listening to me.

I curled up and died

If only inside –

In reality, I cried all the more.

Until a soft voice I heard –

An encouraging word –

But, it was only a parrot…

I swore.

I found nobody lived

In that village these days;

Nor had done for many long years.

I ended alone

With just the memory of the loves that I’d known:

My family,

My friends,

The villagers, few;

And the nymph-like creatures

That had broken my heart

In to two.


8 responses to “A Tale of Three Near-Naked Nymph-Like Creatures and One Young Lost Soul.

  1. One can’t go back . . .

    • It was a poem / tale that I woke up with – had to write it there and then.

      A bit different for me – but, I shall look at it later and see if it works at all – too close to it at the moment. Have a lovely day, Cage. G:)

      • I really enjoyed it, especially the sense of the theme ‘when we step beyond the time we are in, and try to walk backwards, where the air was cleaner and life was more, we find it was our memory wrong, or it shaded the truth from our fevered method of recall.’ Or something along those lines. Can’t remember where it came from, but one of those deep and meaningfuls we seem to remember at times in our lives. More often as we get older, maybe, know what the result of our journey would be.

      • G:) and our imaginations flourished. G:)

  2. fairy tale dreams of nymphs of the bogs….now I’ve seen everything 🙂 nice one G man, although a sad ending…..

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