Ode to a Fountain Pen

Ode to a Fountain Pen

Oh, Pen!

Where is your ‘sesame’?

And why will you not –

Oh, Pen! – up to me?

You just nibble gracefully upon the field of your age

A fools cap perched –

Oh, Pen! – Upon a page.

Your life’s blood flowing away

Transferring from inside of you

With every word you say.

Oh, Pen;

When all has gone

Who will refill you

Instill you with the means to think

Give you a life-resuming drink?

Oh, Pen! I see the point

Of your existence

And holding on to you

I help you on your way.

Oh, Pen! Implement of yesterday

What more can you say?


13 responses to “Ode to a Fountain Pen

  1. Bring back the pen!!!!! Especially the fountain pen!!!

  2. I love these pen too and it’s been a long time I didn’t use. It was so nice dear G, and also reading comment section too. Thank you dear Ritu too,

    Love, nia

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