Shakespeare and the Bear #2

Shakespeare had a beer

With a bear, I hear;

But, William wouldn’t buy

Another round,

And, so, he found

A chaser brought him fear.

Exit Stage Left;

With bear, bereft

Of a reciprocal drink from the Bard.

With the headstart of a yard,

Will was fast;

But, the bear was faster still;

And, so, William had to seek a plaster-caster,

Who had to fit the bill.

Being a stingy Bard

Left Will’s reputation marred,

And his rhymes a tad unfinished;

Yet Will still wrote on

And on and on

His output quite undiminished.

And the bear…?

He thought upon

The why, the where,

And the great questions of the universe;

The when, the whom;

And the Big Bang Boom;

And, oftentimes, Shakespeare’s name he did curse;

For do not think

To deprive a bear his drink

For a bear will get revenge;

You’ll be pursued,

And end up screwed;

From Tower Hill to Penge.

The moral clear,

I’m out of here –

I have to buy,

A bear,

A beer.


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