Paint It Beige

I see a red door

And I want it painted beige;

No colours anymore

It must just be my age

I see the girls go by

Dressed in their Summer Clothes

I have to turn my head

Until the brightness goes.


So, I’m off

To paint the town beige

With my paint Pot

And my brushes

For it needs a coat of not-that-many colours

(Well, lots of shades of beige – at least 50)

Is what the town needs.

Pillar-box beige

On this Beige Friday

A Beige-Letter Day

In anyone’s book-

Come by later

And take a look.

It won’t take long

Certainly not an age

I’m off (my head) to town,

Please turn the page,

Because, I’m just going through the monochrome stage

Of a non-golden age

And my favourite non-colour is obviously harvest-oatmeal-beige – my friends say it’s all the rage!


4 responses to “Paint It Beige

  1. you’re getting old. Hot pink baby, yeah! Groovy…..

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