A Friday Sort of Poem

There’s a man I know

Lives down our street

Doesn’t have a cat

He has a motor car.

He’s not very old

But he’s older than me

Born in the war

He’s seventy-five.

He went to the shop

And never came home

He flew to France

And then walked to Greece

This man is strange

Because he doesn’t rhyme

He lives on a yacht

Monday to Friday

But on weekends…

he doesn’t.


6 responses to “A Friday Sort of Poem

  1. It is nice to feel free… I wished to go wherever I want… 🙂 But I am sad he hasn’t a cat (or a dog) it would have been so nice…. Thank you, Love, nia

  2. aka the not so old but older than you man and the sea 🙂

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