Whilst Out Walking on a Particularly Fine Wednesday Morning in Cornwall.

If you regularly travel

a route from ‘A’

To ‘A’ – a circular route, I think, do you see? –

And always take the clockwise way,

What would happen

If you travelled it in reverse – not walking backwards; but, the other way round? –

The massive hill that you had to climb

Right at the end,

Would disappear right round the bend

And that long arduous slope,

That you met half way round,

Would be a gentle stroll

And found to be an easier passage, upon the whole.

However, as you start and stop

At the same point

Then the altitude to climb

And the altitude to drop

Are still the same,

So that slopes once up, now down,

Will be balanced out by downwards slopes

Turning themselves the other way round.

So, apart from seeing the route from a pretty new angle;

There isn’t really a difference

That a mind can’t untangle.

Clockwise or Widdershins

(that’s ‘anti-clockwise’ in a far nicer way)

Whichever you go,

I have to say,

That I just thought I’d point out the above – so you’d know.



24 responses to “Whilst Out Walking on a Particularly Fine Wednesday Morning in Cornwall.

  1. … .) I am almost confused dear G! It was so nice, you love to create enigma into the words, or maybe it was just for me like that.
    By the way, can I ask something, why do you post your pictures very large it can’t be seen well,.
    Thank you, Good Evening, to you and to UK (of my memories), Love, nia

  2. Now it is nice, I can see the photographs, these are your photographs, aren’t they? I love this kind of ways in the nature, We were walking everyday from the boutique hotel to the town center in a way like this one… And people with their dogs they all greeted us, and said, Good Morning or Good afternoon… One day, I saw a dog, he was amazing, so beautiful. There was a distance between us, he was coming toward us with his owner. And I stopped and I called him, the dog wanted to come to me, but at first he stopped and looked at his owner’s face, The man let him to come to me, it was amazing moment, I fall in love.
    Thank you dear G, Love, nia

    • These are some of the lanes around where we now live – a little village called Merrymeet that is so tiny. We love it. Have a lovely evening, nia. I shall check my photo sizing next time – thank you for the advice. G:)

  3. Not a little silly writing, it is so enjoyable to read, and I love them.
    You are welcome, 🙂

  4. round and round and around it goes….where it stops, only G knows as I don’t live there, my street is more long and curvy at the end ❤ and flat, all of Florida is FLAT 🙂 I suppose thats a good thing….my dogs won't be barking at me by the end 🙂 and by dogs, I mean my feet, not the litteral dogs as they bark at squirrels….and other dogs walking by the homestead 🙂

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