“It’s ‘#InternationalTongueTwisterDayToday!” said Jane.

Challenge accepted.

Conquistadors from foreign shores

Deserve applause

Mine and yours

And guided tours

Through ancient doors

Near windswept moors.

Well, Conquistadors

Fear applause

And ancient doors

They are on all fours

When rain it pours

And guided tours

Get no applause

From bar-room bores

That a man endures

Until early-doors

Bring foreign wars

To warm applause

And neither nors

Nor Norse entrepreneurs

(His nor hers)

Can act to rehearse

A play in a hearse

That is pulled by a horse –

Of course.

I’ve heard worse.

“Not really a tongue-twister.” said Jane.

Not one to complain

That I had to start again

I took the dogs for a walk

In the pouring rain.


2 responses to “#InternationalTongueTwisterDay

  1. we have a lake Okeechobee down here in sunny FL 🙂 funny word….I only say it once, no tongue twisting for me 🙂

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