It’s been out of fashion

Since Richard the Third

That ancient tradition

Of bathing

In Curd

Of Lemons invested

From familial trees

Of monarchs and sages

For ages to please

The body’s long yearning

For citrus and soak

With hints of cool Jasmin

And essence of oak;

So, harken ye back to a time

That is blurred,

To the time of Curdbathing

Of Richard the Third

It’s tradition, so do it

And don’t be afeared

It’s perfectly normal

How could it be weird?

There’s no harm in trying;

What ever you’ve heard,

Jump right on in,

And don’t be deterred;

Just try your bathing in Lemony Curd

And then I’m quite sure

That you will soon have concurred;

To readily, steadily, spread the word

That it’s great to be bathing

In thick Lemon Curd.


It’s a thing of the past

And your present this Christmas

Is a jar

Make it last!


5 responses to “Curdbathing

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  2. I love lemon curd, especially on pancakes….skipping the syrup of course….darn, now I’m hungry 🙂 good one G man 🙂

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