A poem For a wet Thursday

A poem

For a wet Thursday


Why should I write a poem for a Thursday

Just because it’s wet?

I suppose it’s because

I haven’t written one yet.

So, damp it may be;

But, it’s still Thursday to me;

The day after Woden’s Day

And the day before the Old English Frīġedæġ.

So, Thor has a day, too

After Woden’s ‘Hump Day’

And before ‘Thank -an-Anglo-Saxon-goddess-it’s-Frīġedæġ’.

And it can rain upon any day –

And it does!

Not just today.

So, this poem has all the relativity to the day

That would be there

For any poem for any other day.

That being said,

It could be worse –

It could be Monday



5 responses to “A poem For a wet Thursday

  1. Oh, poor Pooky; please pick him up.

  2. BTW – do you have the Garfield sticker/thingy for ‘Creativity is not a pretty sight!’ I think I may need that one for the current state of my work area.

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