As I was leaving St. Ives…

As I was leaving St. Ives

With my 2,401 kits,

343 cats,

49 sacks,

And 7 wives

I thought

To myself
‘I wonder if I’m going to bump into an anonymous poet

Who will be going to St. Ives to grab himself a pasty.’


2 responses to “As I was leaving St. Ives…

  1. The answer is one apparently as we all know. The others are leaving St Ives.which is how we meet them. Although I always thought this was a bit of a lame catch-you-out-puzzle since we could easily have caught up with all those guy who were also going to St Ives, They could have emerged from a side road and still be going in the same direction as us, or just be walking more slowly. Ttut tut, I think I prefer Why is a raven like a writing desk? There never has been a satisfactory answer as far as I know – I bet Graeme could supply one though!

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