Pliny in a Pinny!

Pliny the Elder

Coffee-Time Amusings #8
Pliny in a Pinny!
Pliny the Elder?
Or Pliny the Younger?
But, definitely not Pliny the Very Young – which is a drink!
HMS Plinyfore by Gilbert O’Sullivan, naturally.
Sound Effects Plinky-Plonky! 
Pinafores as worn in the film of Edith Nesbit’s ‘The Railway Children’ by Jenny Agutter and Sally Thomsett.

Pinafore the Fjords

As in ‘this Norwegian Blue Parrot is (or is not) Pinafore them!’
And it’s ‘pina-fore!’ That you should use as a warning shout when upon a golf course – that is, if you want to be banned from the course, of course.
So, a Pinny for your thoughts upon the above?


One response to “Pliny in a Pinny!

  1. I remember this “The Railway Children”… it is so beautiful. Thank you dear G, another nice remembrance for me today, Love, nia

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