A Shoe Horn – (The End of Caradon 5)

A Shoe Horn
(For Liskeard Writing Group Tuesday 7th November meeting)
“In you go!” 

Another one passed through the portal – obedience being an easy option when you don’t have any other.
“In you go!” 

The doorkeeper pointed to the next in line – who shuffled forward and timidly entered the nebulous transfer point. 

Even the gatekeeper was just a cog in the machinery here; a tool that served a single purpose – to ensure the removal of life forms from an overcrowded planet to the relative obscurity of a distant dump star that, by happenstance, was connected to this ‘full-to-the-brim’ nemesis of a world that just couldn’t expand any more.
The nameless, faceless power-brokers of Caradon 5 had made a decision to void the planet, and who knows when they would be satisfied that the enforced exodus was enough.
“In you go!” 

said for what was probably the ten millionth time. The gatekeepers had been changed intermittently since the early days.; but, a rose by any other name…
“In you go!” 

Again, and again. 
How long the wormhole link would remain was a question that nobody knew the answer to – the PBs didn’t care, and as long as the numbers tipped in their favour…
And, anyway, the transfer couldn’t be hurried; they had tried to force the flow; but, counter-productivity was soon experienced and they had reluctantly settled on the current rate.
“In you go!” 
Slowly, inexorably the numbers remaining were reducing; the numbers on the dump star increasing – what could possibly go wrong?
The PBs found out exactly what could go wrong when, not only did the portal refuse to accept a ‘transfer’ but it actually shuddered the Caradon 5 in abject rage.
The PBs demanded that the transfers continued. The current gatekeeper pointed at the next body: 

“In you go!”
The attempt to shoe-horn another through the portal was the last straw.
The wormhole retched – it was difficult to say it did anything else other than that – and like fingers down a throat, only one thing will happen.
Reversing all the previous transfers at an accelerating frequency was only going to end badly.
And end badly it did; for, not only did all of Caradon 5’s transfers return, all of those ‘dumped’ by other planets were sent back, too.
Finally, Caradon 5 reached point critical – and as one last body returned through the wormhole…
Caradon 5 exploded.


5 responses to “A Shoe Horn – (The End of Caradon 5)

  1. I’m with Jane…..good story G “BOOM” like that!

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