One Morning (Quite Early) on Bodmin Moor.

One morning (quite early) on Bodmin Moor. Four travellers meet.
1st Traveller to other three: Bodmin! Bodmin! Bodmin!
2nd Traveller (to 1st Traveller: Bodmin!
2nd Traveller (to 3rd and 4th Travellers: Bodmin! Bodmin!
3rd Traveller (to 1st Traveller: Bodmin!
3rd Traveller: to 2nd Traveller, then 4th Traveller: Bodmin! Bodmin!
4th Traveller to 1st Traveller: Bodmin!
4th Traveller to 2nd Traveller then 3rd Traveller: Bodmin! Bodmin! 
(They stop awhile and there is some Umming and Ahhhhhing)
SD They all make to continue their journeys
Continues and fades.


9 responses to “One Morning (Quite Early) on Bodmin Moor.

  1. Graeme,is there a deeper meaning here than is obvious? Sounds a bit like a load of good mornins and then cheerios!


  2. Oh, its growing on me now. !!!!

  3. Round this way its Ha Dodman! 🙂 You might want to know whats the point and that is the point,, its Dodman point.

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