The Accidental Deletion (it happens to us all)

I wrote a poem once

That was so good

That I wish

That I had saved it

Rather than accidentally deleting it (a moment I mourn) deleting it completely from whence it was born.
I tried to recreate the words

And some of them came;

But, couldn’t replace the ones missing

My poem, just wasn’t the same – it now seemed quite lame.
I don’t suppose that I’ll ever write another poem

As good as that one;

Which saddens me greatly

Alas, I’m undone

And I’ve only myself

To blame.


4 responses to “The Accidental Deletion (it happens to us all)

  1. Reminds me of the time I moved from one state to another, used a ‘service’ to carry all my things, and then when it arrived at my new location – it was an empty truck! What did I think of first?
    Where are all my stories?

    • I lost the best ever Philip Larkin essay many years ago. I had worked painstakingly on it for quite a long while. When it disappeared to The Land of Lost Writings I was convinced it would come back to me. However, it didn’t and the replacement essay didn’t have my heart in it. But, that was then… we lose a few, we gain experience in doing so. G:)

  2. I hate it when that happens, but mine mostly disappear upon waking and I knew I should have written it whilst still fresh in the sleeping mind ❤

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