Season(ings) Linda’s SoCS #SoCS 

From LindaGHill’s SoCS Linda’s Rules & Tings

Seasoning is not everybody’s thing.

Salt and Pepper, S & P, and then the varieties. Himalayan Rock Salt! It’s pink! Who puts pink salt on their food. And so many types of peppercorns to grind in your twin-set grinder – salt at one end, Pepper at t’other and how many times have I undone the cap and poured mountains of Black Peppercorns over my fragrant dish? Well, seven, as you asked. It’s not that I’m clumsy – I am – but they obviously make these pepper mills of a sub-standard quality! Who do I have to write to to complain? I will write a strongly worded letter and what will they do?
They’ll take it with a pinch of salt – that’s what! 
And will I get a response? Will I get satisfaction? Or ‘saltisfaction!’ Ha! That’s a joke by the way – I don’t do many; but, that was one – I can count the number of jokes* I’ve done – three!
*5-Minute timer here

3 responses to “Season(ings) Linda’s SoCS #SoCS 

  1. I’m sure the pink salt tastes the same as any other salt, but I’d think twice before putting it on anything.

  2. I use the pink salt on my watercolors, throw it on when soaking wet, let dry and then flick off, makes cool designs ❤

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