Who put the orgy

In Georgy-Porgy?

Who did? Who did?
Who put the man in the Human Race

And let him take charge?
It’s hard to face the way of things

When the male is made into the king of kings

And who put the male into female?

What’s that about?

I ask you, hey!

Why aren’t we all equal under the Sun

And why ‘mankind’

When he’s the one

Who’s so unkind

To all and sundry;

But, mainly the lady

To keep him on top

And when is the inequality going to stop?

Well, if Man has anything to do with it

We’ll stay just the same

All just little pawns in his one-sided game.


4 responses to “#MeToo?

  1. didn’t he kiss the girls and make them cry?

  2. Or ‘scarred’ him! Poor chap. G:)

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