She could have been talking for England; in fact, she may have thought she was. Sat at a table for four, hers was the only voice. On and on and on it went; upon every subject that sprang to her mind; linked together by unknown chains and at a volume to emphasise. If there were any other opinions voiced, they were short and silenced to allow the flow to continue on and on and on and onto another subject: gold-diggers; Spain; Life on Mars, or the like – I tried to tune out… I tried. And it was either her or me – and, so, I left her to her Olympic training, Word record attempt, or her sponsored yappathon.
The peace when it returned was a relief.
I pray our paths never cross again – she’ll probably still be waffling on and on.


2 responses to “Yakkety-Yak!

  1. sounds like a bore…..sigh, peace reigns in G world. Lovely new house pics too….you don’t have a yak in the neighborhood now do you?

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