Hamlet’s ‘There’s the grub!’


The Great Dane

Was, actually,

A Labradoodle

(Which is a cross

Between a lab-technician and a noodle)

And not a huge

Mastif-type dog

Of the Scandinavian kind.
No, seriously;

If he’d had a less troubled mind

He might have chosen wisely

His future course

“My kingdom for a Norse!”

Was almost his line –

But, was ‘allegedly’ spoken by a different man

At a different time

When ‘his’ rhyme-time

Was almost up.
“There’s the grub!”

Is also slightly his

Being a pun on his phrase

From his tobedobedo ‘soliloquy’

(Which word I have learnt to spell

And therefore do spell it well).
“The rest is silence.”
And it was,

For him.


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