The Elephant in the Womb

Hopefully ‘me’ soon!

The Elephant in the Womb
I am the elephant in the womb

A year and a half I have been here

And I don’t think that I can take much more of this;

There’s no room,

The conditions are cramped – to say the least

And I have heard 

‘Tusk’ by Fleetwood Mac

Being played by the cheeky keepers

Too many times –

“I wish to be released!”

I lack room to expand;

Is a delivery date planned?

Will ‘Amazon’ deliver ‘this’ parcel on time?

I won’t mind

Being unconfined

And leaving this womb behind.
Oh, no! They are playing ‘Tusk’ once more!
Where is the door?
Will they ever wish me a happy birthday?
Please can we make it happen today.


4 responses to “The Elephant in the Womb

  1. Poor cramped lil heffalump!

  2. I love that song ❤ elephants are fun ❤

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