Stream-of-Consciousness (Ox) #SoC #Ox

Small, medium, large,

Heavy duty packing boxes

On a hillside;


Schrödinger’s Cat in a box

Jack Spratt in a panic

Because he’s claustrophobic

And he’s also in a box;

Lewis in a box, box, box;

Fox in socks in a box;

And many a repentant dude in detox;

Leslie regrets the boat-race;

And the Ox fords the Thames.
All in all a pox

On both your houses;

Or your horses;

Or your horses’ houses.


2 responses to “Stream-of-Consciousness (Ox) #SoC #Ox

  1. I love this, it borders the tongue twisting territory. Look, you’ve got me at it now! Have a great day. 🙂

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