24 Hours From Truro?

Singer (singing): Only, twenty four hours from Truro…
Spoken: That’ll be the A30, then – always murder on there at this, or any, time of year.
Singer: I was just changing the lyrics from ‘Twenty four hours from Tulsa’.
Spoken: Quicker to get ‘there’, if you ask me.
Singer: Is it?
Spoken: Sorry?
Singer: Well, I’m no good at all with geography – where, in all of this big county is Tulsa?
Spoken: There’s no ‘Tulsa’. If not ‘Truro’, you might be thinking of ‘Trago’ or… Helston…? Newlyn…? Mousehole…?
Singer: No, none of those. I think I’ll just stick with being twenty four hours from Truro. 
Spoken: Fair ’nuff. Long as you don’t want to get there and back to Tucson too soon. 
Singer: Tucson? Is that in Cornwall?
Spoken: Oh, yes. You just pops down the A38 until you gets to Trago; turn off there for ‘Ansom and head toward Rabittonabowt’.
Singer: Thank you.
Spoken: Wolkom.
Singer (walking away, singing): Only, twenty four hours from Tucson.


4 responses to “24 Hours From Truro?

  1. 24 hours from Truro, one day away from…?

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