SoCS – LindaGHill’s ‘Save/Safe’ Prompt for Sat 7th. #SoCS

Here be dragons to save!

“Save my safe!” Was heard from the voice upon the train.

That voice was heard just the once,

Never again.
As for the safe… we never found that.
We wondered for a long time if we had misheard

The word

Or the words

But, we felt that we were safe in the knowledge

That many ears

Hearing the same thing

Are likely to be right

At least nine times.
We will save the reveal of this story for later

Possibly when you are safely tucked up in your bed
Well, what the man actually said ‘was’ ‘Save my safe!’
But, what he actually ‘meant’ to say was:

‘Save our souls!’

Which is S.O.S. in Morse

And M’aiddez or the like in French Morse.
He just got his message wrong. 


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