Six in 10 (actually ‘seven’) #poetry

Six Poems Weitten in 10 Minutes (actually ‘seven’)
Quick Haiku
When the clock it ticks

And the count is running down

What can I write here?

Man From Devizes Limerick
There was a young man from Devizes

Who wore hats in different sizes

Some were too big

One had a thingummy-jig

But most covered his nose and his eyeses.
Sensible Poem
I feel the warmth

Of a Summer Day;

And hear the cry of a babe

I smell the coffee upon the hearth

And touch your hand

Even though you’ve gone away;

I remember the looks

And smile at your picture

Captured by me in the fall;

I taste the scent of Bergamot cloves

That you tended so lovingly

In the hall.

Where are you now

My love

Where are you now

My love.
Silly Rhymes Poem
It bites

And fights

With dogs

And logs

It’s a mad cat

With a Burberry Hat;

And, add to that,

It’s Cheshire roots,

And the fact it wears

Hob-nailed boots.
Dream Poem
I dreamt I saw a fish at flight

In the middle of the night

The dream

Not the fish

And then I saw that fish again

Upon a silver dish

Upon a speeding train

Upon a cold November afternoon

And I never saw that fish again.
End Poem
The end is here

The time is near

When I shall have to stop

But, until then

I write, my friend

Unto the end

Of Minutes ten

With intensity

And with gusto

And, eventually,

When my time is up

The writing must stop

And I must go.
Extra Poem
Was it six?

Or is it five?

Poems writ

In this.*
*timer here.

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