At the job interview (1895)

London 1895
“…and you must walk in front – at a distance of, about, ten yards – waving a red flag, in order to let people know that I am approaching. Can you do that?”
“I can, sir. But, isn’t there a chance that if ‘I’ stop, you might run ‘me’ over?”
“There is a faint possibility of that happening; but, as I haven’t yet bought one of these new-fangled- whatchermacallems..”
“A ‘wife’, sir”
“Yes, indeed, a ‘wife’, then for the moment we shall just be carrying out trial-runs. Is that clear, Jenkins?”
“As a bell, sir.”
“Isobel? Is ‘that your name? I thought it was ‘Jenkins’.”
“As you like, sir – as you like.”


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