MaccyB: The Panto (with inspiration from William ‘The Bard’ Shakespeare).

MaccyB – The Panto (an excerpt).
Somewhere in Scotialand
Genie: I grant you ‘three’ witches!
MaccyB: Great! For ma first wish I’d like… tae become… Thane of Cawdor!
Genie: I said ‘Witches!’ You’ll get what’s coming to you and I hope you’ll be happy with what you’re given.
MaccyB: Oh, right. Sorry. I’ll be glad when all this palaver is beyond me.
Genie: It’s ‘behind’ you?
MaccyB: Oh, yes, you’re right; that’s why the good lady MaccyB reckons I should make more of maself. 
Genie: She always did think outside of the box – and she could always spot a contender.
MaccyB: She’s certainly one of a kind.
Genie: Though, I did hear that you were trying to wash your hands of her.
MaccyB: Or was it the other way round? She may be trying to get rid of me.
Genie: Oh, no, she isn’t!
MaccyB: I know she is!
Genie: Anyway, here are your three witches. 
“They cackle a lot; 

But, give them their due

That’s the sort of thing

That old witches do!”
MaccyB: Cheers!
Genie: You’re welcome – enjoy.
The three witches and MaccyB eye each other up. 


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