‘Book NOW For Christmas!’ by Graeme Sandford

As it’s Book Thursday (or the like) I thought that this would be apt to reblog – as I did much too much yesterday can I ask a few of you to reblog this too and then I won’t feel the need to write anything else today as I have lots of important (yup!) things to do – thank you in advance – G:) I will reciprocate with your words in a future reality. G;)

Graeme Sandford



That was what the sign advised.

But, I thought, what did it really mean?



I would have understood exactly, but,

Socks are socks, one left, one right, usually in a matching pair and with either a less-than-humourous motto, or a colour scheme to make you heave… or both!

But a book is a matter of self:

I would rather not have Fergie’s autobiography (Sarah or Sir Alex) and I like my authors, to be of an ilk.

I would have to know somebody very well indeed to even consider purchasing them… a book!

So, the sign has exclaimed, where it could have questioned.

Advice given, against a suggestion of the contemplation of perhaps… possibly… maybe… maybe not… buying a book… as a present… for somebody… for Christmas… which is still three months away!

But as for buying oneself a book? Well…

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