“The End of the Poem Is Nigh!”

I’m on the tube 

It’s crowded

So much so

That we might need lube…
And then I stand up

And start reciting poetry.
People panic

People freeze

People try to run away

I didn’t mean

To displease

 I thought a verse

Would help the moral

Of the people stuck on the tube

In their motionless hell.
I was wrong

Emergency cords were pulled

Doors were opened

The passengers jumped out

Someone began to scream

Someone began to shout

And by and by

Some few people

Began to cry.
I’m sorry

The poem wasn’t my best

And a flash mob of one

Is hard to invest in.
Next time

(If there is a next time)

I shall withhold my rhyme

And just keep reading the inane ads 

That are selling lotions and fads;

And pills and potions

For notion-sickness

And the like.
Actually, when next I travel

I shall go by bike.


3 responses to ““The End of the Poem Is Nigh!”

  1. I was just listening to a radio phone-in about that! Xxx

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