Various Characters in Search of a Story

Emily had family

Nan had none

Penny had a pony

Jen had a gun

Ruth always told the truth

Liz could only lie

Bjorne was recently born

And then there was Dai.
Dai was a simple lad

Never destined to become a dad

Quiet, shy, a little sad

But, a treasure to his parents

Went to school 

For golden rule

And learned all off his letters

Knew when to speak

And when to hold

His tongue before his betters.
Went down a mine

When he was nine

To fetch a lump of coal

The mine caved in

With him within

And Dai was lost forever.
Jen had a gun

Had herself some fun

But, lost her way

Like a modern-day Al Capony
Liz did lie

Bjorn will cry

And Penny has a pony.
Emily has family

But leaves them in the end

Ruth is proof

That there’s good in truth 

She is a loyal friend.

Nan’s still alone

Became a nun to atone

For her imagined sin of being a clone.
And all were created 

Given birth by me

On a beautiful Sunday morning.


One response to “Various Characters in Search of a Story

  1. busy man….does Jane know?

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