When it comes to… ‘pass’

School https://g.co/kgs/GKYjWv

When it comes to… ‘pass’
I took exams once

Then I took some of them twice

And a few three times.

My maths was good

So I took it twice, too;

And passed it twice.

Other things didn’t come to me so easily.

12% in Science was not a ‘pass’

In fact, it gave me a detention;

Which added a new dimension to my schooling.
1974 School by Supertramp 

From ‘The Crime Of The Century’ album on A&M records – just one of the lunchtime LPs that we played and has never left me.

My music makes me happy.

Listening, playing, I haven’t got much class;

But, on music, I won’t pass.


2 responses to “When it comes to… ‘pass’

  1. a most excellent album….If everyone was listening….perhaps we’d all pass and then some 🙂 and I don’t mean pass the dutchie…. 🙂

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