Coffee-Time Amusings #9 (‘Friday’ 29th Sept.)

It is the day after

The day before

Which makes it a…

Hold on, just checking…

A… Friday!

Good. It could have been much worse.

Yesterday being a Thursday, today ‘must’

In the order of things

Be a ‘Friday’

And that is ‘Yayday’

Around here.

It’s not as good as a Saturday (a Yippeeday)

Or a Sunday (a Wellwhatdoyouknowday)

But it beats all the other weekdays

By a mile

(Or 1.609 kilometres)

And that is good in my book.

“Which book?”

I hear you ask

(I don’t really; but, it’s a writing tool to ‘hear’ the reader ask a question, which I can then answer)

“I don’t have an ‘actual’ book.” I reply, lamely. “It’s just a phrase that people use.”

“Which people?” You ask.

“People that- Oh, I wish you’d stop asking all these questions – it’s stopping the flow of my words.”

“Which words?” you ask, with a cheeky grin upon your face.
It is at this point that I run away to cry.
“Only asking.” you comment to yourself.
“Asking what?” you respond.
And on it goes.


3 responses to “Coffee-Time Amusings #9 (‘Friday’ 29th Sept.)

  1. One mile is possibly 1609 metres – #justsayin

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