In honour of Notional Pottery Day I have writted this.

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Graeme Sandford

IMG_5858.PNG These are not they

Poetry Shorts

I’m wearing my Poetry Shorts
They are pink with lime green sports;
(Or should that be spots)
I wear them lots.
Especially in Eastern coastal ports

I’m wearing my Poetry Hat
What do you think of that
It has a feather you know
And when the weather does blow
It sends semaphore signals to a cat

I am wearing my poetry wellies
They are orange with pictures of jellies
They are different sizes
As my doctor advises
And they are just like Percy Byshe Shelley’s

I am wearing my Poetry mittens
Which are woven from the shed hair of kittens
They help me recite
My verse at midnight
For which I have earned a small pittance.

I am wearing your patience quite thin
By exaggerating the clothes what I’m in
I am wearing the stuff
That makes my writing sound ruff
(Did I mention…

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