Coffee-Time Amusings #8 #NationalPoetryDay #Freedom

Coffee-Time Amusings #8 (Thursday 28th Sept.)
I’m just drinking my coffee…
Thinking about Freedom.
And what it means to me.
I think that I tend to take my freedoms for granted.
I would probably take them more seriously if I had fought hard and long for them.
Around the world there are people who have little or no freedom.
They are often seen in adverts that are asking for £3 a week (or the like) and I think that maybe they (the adverts ‘and’ the people) are largely ignored by the populace. If the tables were turned we would soon appreciate those small kindnesses of strangers.
Freedoms gifted easily by means of where we are born against freedoms gained by gritted determination?
Freedom to think and do the simplest of things without fear of harm or punishment.
Freedom to live a life.
Freedom to live.

Wherever you are

And whatever you are drinking…
Today is a day to consider ‘freedoms’
As is every day.

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