Quiet Moment Musings #1

Quiet Moment Musings #1
When you stop,

And the world seems to stop at that very moment;

As if awaiting your next utterance

With bated breath;

As if you were about to say something Earth-shatteringly fantastic…

(As if)

And you hold the pause

Keep the quietus

(As in a calming way – not as in Hamlet’s contemplation about being / not being)

Embrace the solitudinal d


Of… shhhhhhhhhh!
Then you can begin

To recover

(Not the sofa!)

From the toils and stresses that ‘proud man’s contumely’ is made of

(Oops! Hamlet again).
Anyway, what I am saying

Is that I have garnered a moment’s respite from the fray.
And, so, I bid you ‘adieu!’

And ‘good-day!’


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