5-Minute (timed) S-o-C (Monty Jobsworth) #SoC

This may also be said to be a ‘hot / cold’ SoCS thing.

I seem to have lost my ‘MoJo’
That is my ‘Monty Jobsworth’
Which is what I call

Anything that I have lost.
Be it my phone

Or my keys

Or my MoJo

(Which is rare).
I try not to lose things 

And try to misplace them instead;

Much easier that way;

And I have this thing that tells me

(When I am looking for my MoJo)

Whether I am close to it 

(Getting warmer)

Or quite a ways away

(You’re cold)

Sometimes I lose my MoJo for days and weeks

And it is only when I stop looking for it

Do I, then, find it.
All of this is strangely wonderous

As am I

(In my mind’s eye)


I have not lost my MoJo today


And maybe I won’t.
Anyway, again,

I love it when I’m getting warmer,

W-* (armer,

*5-minute timer.


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