Whilst Out Walking on a Pleasant Friday Morning

Picture from AMP Pinterest

I’ve seen your face before.

I’ve seen your face 

In every dream I’ve ever had- 

Well, mostly, they were nightmares,

That left me feeling bad.
Your eyes of a velvet hue;

In number, two;

And your fangs so sharp and gleaming;

I’d call you ‘dear’ 

If we were near;

And join you in your scheming.
But, you are far away in Tran-Sylv-A

Near to a castle in the night;

And I can’t go

To join the show

And aid you in your plight.
Oh, drink your fill

And join me still

In a toast to the ‘queer old dean’

I am still alive

And plan to thrive;

For I am still ‘am’ 

and I am ‘not’ 




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