The Tale of Mary

A ‘Mary’

‘bonce’ (this word has nothing to do with what follows)

This is Mary, she is a Gulf window, and so she hardly ever sees her hatstand.
Born by a bourne at an early age, Mary was named after her mother, Agnes and her father Dominick… decided that ‘Mary’ was a nice name for a baby – especially one of the girl variety.
Mary likes window-shopping and has recently joined window-shoppers anonymous (UPvC); she likes pressing flowers and smelling buttons (or maybe the other way round? Yes? No. Okay).
Mary has a little lamb;

Fictitiously, of course;

And her hair was white as snow is white; and most of a polar bear is white.
Mary is not a real person;

She was produced from my imagination

And only lives in this story…
Or does she?


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