S-o-C @ 00:50 a.m.

S-o-C @ 00:50 a.m.

“The cool air from the open window

Is a balm, Timmy”
It should have said ‘to me’ but, when auto-correct hits you…
It was only an hour or two ago when I sang 

“That’s the way u-huh, u-huh, to do it!” In the style of Mr. Punch of Punch & Judy infamy.
I have noted that down and may use it for a future sketch, or song, or part of a dialogue (possibly in a P&J scenario). 

It is one of the ways that things happen to my thought-processes.
Creativity is a strange thing.
I get prompts and ideas from the strangest of places and images that just create links and mismatches that often amaze even me.
The weirdness of some of the ideas and how they get to me is not always apparent; but,

I consider it a gift that I have.
It’s not always gonna be a real rib-tickler of an idea to everybody; but for me… a gem is the thing that makes you smile, giggle, chortle (a word not used enough these days) or have a good old belly-laugh.
It’s okay to put ‘ROTFL’ ‘LOL’ or the like; but, who actually rolls on the floor laughing – or laughs until their donkey/horse cross drops off?
Anyway, it’s been fun sharing my thoughts with you – take care and mind your mule-type thing doesn’t part company with you any time soon.


6 responses to “S-o-C @ 00:50 a.m.

  1. whats ROTFL? really out there Florida?

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