Mr. Graham Brown (a friend of mine)

He’s only a little fellow

Whose favourite colour is yellow (or the like)

He fits upon a card with all his info,

And he has a yellow bike (possibly)
His name is Brown

Well, at least one of them is;

And also, he’s a ‘Graham’,

Enough said,

At least, ‘I’ think it is.
He walks on water…

When aboard the ferry,

And never wades ashore;

If I asked him what he does;

He answers me ‘no more!’
He used to be an actor;

In fact, an actor still he is;

And on the stage he speaks his lines

And gives Rosalind a kiss

(Purely as a character, you know).
He watches crickets on the radio;

I’ve never heard him swear;

He takes his poems on an old green bus;

He never plies his fare (he does really)
And if you ever see him

You must listen well,

For he has mirthy things to tell;

One of them’s about a ‘smell’

Or at least I think it is.
“All aboard!”


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